Maintenance & Inspection

Do you have a home automation system installed in your home that requires service, maintenance, upgrades, or replacement?

Home Automation Maintenance & Repair

SmartHome Solutions provides regular maintenance services on a variety of home automation systems to valley homeowners. Regular maintenance allows the homeowner to continue to enjoy their systems for years to come while ensuring all components are being maintained in accordance with manufactures guidelines. Basic semi-annual maintenance includes activities such as:

  • Updating software on all home automation devices including processors, remote controls, etc.
  • Downloading a fresh backup of the home's automation programming sequence.
  • Changing batteries in all remote controls and/or performing a battery test on those without disposable batteries.
  • Adjusting all time clocks to ensure accurate timing across the home automation platform.
  • Testing all features including pool/spa control, automated blinds/drapes, automated doors, fireplaces, etc.
  • Replacing memory battery backup batteries in central processing units.
  • Calibrating any sensors or feedback mechanism within the system for proper operation.
  • Repair and replace any defective items found during the maintenance call.

Home Automation Maintenance & Repair

SmartHome Solutions also provides regular maintenance activities on home theater systems as well! While many home owners would not necessarily associate maintenance with a home theater system there are some basic items that can be taken care of quickly in a service call that will ensure your equipment's lifespan is extended as long as possible, and that the theater is always performing at its best. Basic maintenance activities include: 

  • Cleaning all filters on exhaust and intake fans as well as checking the fans for proper operation.
  • Cleaning projector and DLP television dust filters and resetting maintenance timers when required.
  • Check equipment for any alarm indicators such as temperature, fan failures, etc.
  • Check for proper operation of all speakers including surround sound speakers.
  • Validate all receiver and/or specialty sound processing devices settings are as designed.
  • Inspect and adjust subwoofer, speaker, and amplifiers for proper operation.
  • Apply any software updates for any internet enabled devices.
  • Check and torque all audio and video connections where necessary.
  • Repair and replace any defective items found during the maintenance call.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Services

SmartHome Solutions provides pre-purchase inspection services for home owners in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and surrounding markets. Many high end homes today have sophisticated home automation and control systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair and replace if improperly maintained or installed. Similar to a traditional home inspection SmartHome Solutions will perform a full audit and provide a comprehensive report including:

  • Full inventory of all equipment installed related to the home automation or home theater system.
  • Functionality check of networks and equipment including any maintenance required.
  • Annotate any deficiencies in the system ( defective components, missing components, etc.)
  • Estimated total system value for insurance and/or purchase purposes
  • Warranty checks on any high value items such as system controllers, processors, etc.
  • Instructions on the use of the system if not left by former homeowner