Our Philosophy

Simply stated, technology is meant to serve the user, not the other way around where the user must struggle to use or “serve” the technology. This becomes especially important in custom residential installations that are meant to be intuitive and easy to use. All too often we see situations where poor system design, inadequate time spent discerning the homeowner’s needs and preferences, and poor software and system integration result in a poorly conceived, non-intuitive, and difficult to use system.

The first step is perhaps the most important. Spending the time to ascertain what the customer wants, and equally importantly what he does not’t want or need, is the foundation upon which a great system is built. From there, the system design is created by determining system components (hardware/wiring) and the software environment needed to run it all efficiently and reliably. Throughout the process, the homeowner is updated and has questions fielded and answered, inevitably with additional needs and/or concerns determined along the way. This is a critical part of the process. Over 20 years of custom system design and installation has taught us the importance of not shortchanging this process. Too often we see installations by other companies that treat complex system installations like cookie cutter jobs, leaving the customer frustrated and unhappy.

SmartHome Solutions prides itself on taking the time to listen to the customer, answer concerns, educate where needed in order to arrive at a good decision, and then follow through with patience and attention to detail to insure a truly great result. There is simply no substitute for time and attention to detail. This is why it is important to ascertain the commitment to these concepts that a custom installation company exhibits. When obtaining cost information, be sure to consider this factor, as no company can afford to provide this level of attention to detail and dedication to the customer’s concerns for free. It is always cheaper to do a job without the concerns, but invariably the results are less than satisfactory. It takes time to build your personal plan and we are happy to do it! We find that listening carefully to the customer inevitably saves us both from cost overruns, changes, delays, and disappointments.

SmartHome Solutions is committed to providing both the technical expertise and attention to detail, tailored to our customer’s unique needs, to insure that the systems we install are the best possible value for every customer. We are so confident in our reputation for excellence that we will gladly provide references upon request. Call us today!