Intelligent Lighting Control

SmartHome Solutions specializes in custom lighting control to maximize comfort, convenience, and security in your home. Imagine a home smart enough to turn specific lights on at sunset, allows you to adjust the levels of every light in the home from your bedside touch panel, or even turn every light on in an emergency with the press of a single button. Todays advanced lighting control systems allow for virtually anything – including full integration with your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices!

Intelligent lighting control gives you the flexibility to personally design the control of your lights in virtually any way imaginable. From motion sensors in your bedroom that automatically turn on the light near the bathroom to a preset dim level when you walk in at night, to being able to have the lights in the children's room dim slowly over time to “put them to bed” – you are only limited only by your imagination.

Lighting control systems can accent and enhance the decor, furnishings, and mood of your home while freeing you from the drudgery of turning individual lights on and off. Further, they permit you to consistently replicate the light levels that you find most suitable and make your home feel warm and secure with the touch of a single button. With modern lighting controls, you need not worry about timers, manual dimmers, or getting the lighting “right” for the mood or event you have planned. The feature most will not do without is the "goodnight" setting---one touch and the lights turn off, excepting those you have designed to remain lit throughout the night. The lighting in your home and the landscape surrounding it are always reliably consistent and convenient.

Intelligent lighting controls can also save you money by allowing you to operate every light at exactly the level you want, automatically turn on and off as needed, and know when the user is both home and away. SmartHome Solutions has been installing state of the art lighting control systems in Phoenix valley homes up to 30,000 square feet for more than 20 years. Call us today!