HVAC & Appliance Control

Today's HVAC and appliance control systems are truly remarkable compared to the systems on the market over the past 10 years. Intelligent processors and touch screen controllers have all but replaced the programmable thermostats, irrigation controllers, and timer clocks on lights and coffee pots. Through the use of innovative control system products from companies like Crestron, Jandy, Aprilaire, and others we can today automatically, but more importantly intelligently, control nearly any appliance in the home including intricate HVAC and pool control systems. Best of all, they can all be controlled through any keypad, touchscreen, or mobile device - regardless of where you are!

Monsoon storm rolling through the valley? No problem - the home automation controller will intelligently pull the weather multiple times a day and ensure that the pool hours are adjusted to run longer if a storm is on the horizon. It'll even turn on the dehumidifier/humidifer to ensure that just the right of moisture is inside the home. Sprinklers running while it's raining outside? Never again - the control processor not only monitors for rainfall outside, but also pulls weather data for estimated rainfall totals - ensuring that your grass and other landscaping is receiving just the right amount of water!

Vacations are never the same either. When you are leaving town just let the home know from your iPad or iPhone and it will intelligently roll back the temperature in the home, adjust the hot water heaters down, ensure the garage doors are closed, the pool pump schedule is set, and monitor for any leaks inside the home. Hot water heater develop a leak? No problem - the electronic monitoring will detect the leak and dispatch a text message and alert on your iPhone immediately - and the system can even make a voice call to you and your neighbor to alert them! We can even go so far as to automatically turn off the water to the home.

Like many of the systems we have designed and installed for our clients, they are only limited by your imagination. Our in-house team of designers and engineers specialize in taking one of a kind problems and engineering truly superior solutions. Whether it be controlling the temperature of your home from your phone to automating your sprinklers, pool, and even the coffee pot - give us a call to see how we can help in designing a one of a kind solution.