Audio / Video Distribution

Audio and Video are now more prevelent in the daily lives of consumers than ever before. Today's technologies allow you to watch television on your smartphone, listen to streaming media services like Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon, as well as schedule your DVR to record your favorite shows even if you're not home!  But integrating all of these services in to a single, easy to use interface (device) that allows you to not only access them, but also play them, from any location is the key to making these technologies an integral part of your daily life. This is where home automation is key.

SmartHome Solutions audio and video distribution networks utilize state of the art media servers and switching solutions by companies such as Crestron and Escient to make ease of use unlike anything you've ever seen before. Gone are the days where you would DVR your favorite television show in the family room only you find you can't watch it in the bedroom, or even while on the road from your iPhone. With our systems, any piece of media can be played in any room of the house - regardless of it's source. No more utilizing iPod boomboxes in each room to play Pandora from your phone, or only being able to watch your Netflix streaming video in a single room. Dedicated media servers allow you to watch any source, in any format, in any room, and on any device ---even while traveling!

Imagine being able to sit by the pool and listen to your favorite Slacker Radio, Pandora, or even XM station through hidden rock speakers in the yard - all of which are controlled via keypad, touchscreen, or even your iPhone/iPad or Android device. Christmas parties are now characterised by gentle holiday tunes played in the background in every room of the house, picking your favorite songs from your digital media server, Amazon streaming, or even a 400 disc CD changer. Even your morning routine can change with the ease of being able to listen to the morning news, radio, or XM in every room of the home, or several as you may choose, and yes-- even the shower! Waking the children can be just as different  and more pleasant for them and you. Pressing a button on your tableside touchscreen turns on the radio to their favorite station or even plays a particular morning song starting from barely audible increasing every few minutes until the kids are awake and out of bed. 

The possibilities are truly endless and only limited by your imagination! Give us a call today to discuss how we can help design a solution for you!