Home Networking & Telephony

SmartHome Solutions has been deploying reliable, cost effective networking solutions to medium and large residential homes (and businesses) in the Phoenix market for more than 20 years. The key to a truly effective solution is building a communications foundation that can easily scale with the ever changing requirements regardless if that is internet, telephony, or other data services. Ten years ago nearly every consumer had a home telephone, many with additional lines for fax machines, internet dialup, and auxillary lines for kids phones. Today, landline providers report more customers than ever before are transitioning to using their mobile devices as their sole method of communication.

While some customers who installed dedicated phone systems, fax lines, and other devices are now faced with the expensive task of upgrading these infrastucture components, SmartHome Solutions customers are easily able to scale and adapt to the changing market using the infrastucture systems they installed years ago. In fact, did you know that our customers today are able to dock their iPhone at home and utilize the home phones as a landline? Your device charges while you are at home and direclty connects your iPhone to all of the phone jacks already installed in your home! Our customers also benefit from electronic fax systems that allow business and personal faxes to come directly to their email - and sending them is as simple as hitting print on your home PC or mobile device.

Specializing in installing reliable communcations systems built on fiber optic, copper, and wireless communications systems has allowed SmartHome Solutions to quickly, and cost effectively, include today's cutting edge technologies for our customers at a fraction of the cost of new systems. If you're looking for unique home networking solution give us a call today to discuss your requirements.